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Mademoiselle Coline

The passion to create artisan
handmade jewelry with its own story

About me

Throughout my life I have been lucky to live in very special places, full of history and details like my grandparents Art Nouveau house, to be surrounded by people who have helped me to develop a natural sensibility for aesthetics and love for elements created in past times.

Looking back at my own journey since I lived in Paris few years ago, after working in advertising in Barcelone, I felt I have found all the answers along the way. As I was always destined to experience this beautiful journey.

This is what brought me to Mademoiselle Coline, an imaginary French woman that could have been me during the vibrant Parisian 20’s, when intellect, culture and arts blossomed. A young woman who, like me, moved to this city, full of passion and dreams, and got captivated by its beauty.

Paris is the city where my true passion came alive; where I discovered the world of handmade jewelry and its professional and traditional techniques. An old time wish from my days in Barcelone that finally came true.

From wandering through Paris and its endless antique stores and flea markets, I understood little by little the historical and aesthetic value of objects from the past and I learned the delicate art of discovering the forgotten treasures.

That’s when I decided to restore them and give them a second chance, creating with my hands jewelry pieces combining ancient elements with new modern creations. Bringing them back to life through transformation, creating one by one, unique artisan pieces.

I hope my delicate, warm and harmonious handmade jewelry will be a small contribution to the beauty of the world.

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