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Mademoiselle Coline’s new Soupir Collection

The new Soupir Collection of Mademoiselle Coline is inspired by the delicacy and nostalgia of old times. A handmade jewelry collection with a great longing for past times. An intense desire drives us

Mademoiselle Coline starts a collaboration with Sita Murt

From now on the Mademoiselle Coline Seamless Collection will be available in Sita Murt stores. A collaboration that Marta Puig Durall, creator of Mademoiselle Coline, fills her with satisfaction. Apart

New pieces from the Envie du Passé Collection

Mademoiselle Coline presents new one of a kind pieces from the Envie du Passé Collection, the brand’s flagship collection. This collection was born from the sensitiveness, passion and love of

Seamless Collection, the new collection of Mademoiselle Coline

Seamless is the new collection of Mademoiselle Coline inspired by the essence of Art Deco, the line. Our protagonist is a pure, fine, elegant and delicate line that runs freely,

Mademoiselle Coline, ethical and sustainable handmade jewelry

Mademoiselle Coline from its very beginning is committed to sustainability and is intrinsically linked to recovery, restoration and reuse. An artisanal brand that strives to minimize the impact it leaves

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