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New Collection, Paysages de Vie

Paysages de Vie is the new collection of Mademoiselle Coline inspired by a combination of elements that have left a mark on my life. Art Nouveau and nature, the protagonists that make

Barcelona is getting closer to me or I’m getting closer to it

I know, again Paris staircases. They are so beautiful! The tiles down stairs remind me of Barcelona. Barcelona is getting closer or I’m getting closer to Barcelona. After 5 years living

New Envie du Passé Collection ring to celebrate a night of dreams

Summer nights are really  beautiful but especially tonight August 10th due to its well-known shower of stars. To celebrate it, I introduce you this new ring of the Seals Collection.

Starting to share my story

With some of you I have been sharing my project, my doubts, my illusions … my story. Since I had the opportunity to come and to live in Paris and

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Hello, I am Marta, creator of Mademoiselle Coline, I will help you myself. Do you have any questions?