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New Collection, Paysages de Vie

Paysages de Vie is the new collection of Mademoiselle Coline inspired by a combination of elements that have left a mark on my life. Art Nouveau and nature, the protagonists that make

New treasure from my last visit to the marché aux puces

On my last visit to the marché aux puces I have found this treasure: this little shop full of old awls. They are old tools of old jewelry ateliers in

Bye, bye I will miss you so much

This is the first ring I created for the Envie du Passé Collection. Its old piece is what inspired me to make this group of pieces. Often I find it

Some people ask me: ‘and those numbers on the pieces?

This  Envie du Passé Collection piece is unique and its number is 01.01.168: The first numbers identifies the collection: 01 is the Envie du Passé Collection The second group of


When I visit the marchés aux puces it’s like a déjà-vu, all over again. In my mind I’m in my grandparents’ house where I used to spend my summers when

Starting to share my story

With some of you I have been sharing my project, my doubts, my illusions … my story. Since I had the opportunity to come and to live in Paris and

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