Mademoiselle Coline starts a collaboration with Sita Murt

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Mademoiselle Coline starts a collaboration with Sita Murt

From now on the Mademoiselle Coline Seamless Collection will be available in Sita Murt stores.

A collaboration that Marta Puig Durall, creator of Mademoiselle Coline, fills her with satisfaction. Apart from being a brand that has always been a part of her wardrobe, because it is a textile fashion brand that is committed to design, a high-quality design that manages to go beyond the limits of fashion.

Seamless is the collection of Mademoiselle Coline inspired by the essence of Art Deco, the line. Our protagonist is a pure, fine, elegant and delicate line that runs freely, creating endless geometric shapes.

The collection has been handcrafted using the wax casting technique, hand-carving each of the perfect and delicate geometric shapes. This technique, lost-wax casting, used in ancient times, continues to be used in contemporary handcrafted jewelry.

The collection is made up of four geometric shapes from which the various pieces are developed. In the Sita Murt stores you will find the main protagonists of the collection, the pendants, as well as two different models of earrings. It is a collection created in Gold plated 24k Eco-Friendly Recycled Silver from European Union.

In a parallelism between eras, a formal simplicity is sought and claimed, once again, through timeless pieces with clean and refined cuts. Creating, with its combination, a sophisticated game of symmetry and asymmetry without limits.

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