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New Collection, Paysages de Vie

Paysages de Vie is the new collection of Mademoiselle Coline inspired by a combination of elements that have left a mark on my life. Art Nouveau and nature, the protagonists that make up the collection, unite to exalt the Mediterranean Sea and its many faces and landscapes.

This Collection was born in Paris. On Saturday, July 2nd of 2016, in one of my visits to one of my favorite marches aux puces of Paris, is when I discover and rescue an Art Nouveau decorative boarder motif. In that moment I saw clearly drawn a Wave of the sea. And, this becomes the seed of a collection that combines the Art Nouveau and the Mediterranean Sea. Two elements very present throughout my life.

This Collection seeks to express the duality of nature, its delicacy and its abruptness, its peace and strength… the close relationship between perfection and imperfection.

The main piece of the Collection is the medal with the sea as a central element and protagonist that permeates the other elements of the collection in order to express the sea and its many facets and landscapes, with its waves, peace, strength and all the intense and contrasting moments that live around it.

Hope you like it 🖤💛💚💙💜


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