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New pieces from the Envie du Passé Collection

Mademoiselle Coline presents new one of a kind pieces from the Envie du Passé Collection, the brand’s flagship collection.

This collection was born from the sensitiveness, passion and love of the designer for everything created in old times and from her determination to bring them back to life. The designer’s approach is to combine the beauty of the past with the current aesthetics, creating unique new pieces by using traditional techniques of artisanal jewelry making.

It is a collection that involves slow and meticulous work with a lot of dedication and love. The centerpiece set is an antique detail rescued and restored, from antique shops and marchés aux puces of Paris. Every detail is antique, original and unique. So all the creation is aimed to give the maximum prominence to the antique piece. And for that same reason, the antique detail is set, as if it were a precious stone.

In this new edition of pieces, new rings and new medals are presented. Harmony of combination between metals, textures and finishes is the drive that gives life to delicate, warm and harmonious artisan pieces. Timeless jewelry, with a life and a story on its own.

The Envie du Passé Collection is the central collection from which Mademoiselle Coline was born. So the brand from its very beginning is committed to sustainability and is intrinsically linked to recovery, restoration and reuse. An artisanal brand that strives to minimize the impact it leaves on the world. For this, the pieces are handcrafted with ecological recycled metals from the European Union, with its ultimate goal to create durable and timeless handmade pieces endowed with a love for life.

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