Behind every detail
there is a story to tell

elements from old times revived
together with new modern details
creating unique timeless pieces
of handmade jewelry

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Creations that naturally combine beauty from the past and the present, bringing to life pieces with their own life and story, pieces that invite us to dream.


Each piece, one by one, is created in a small intimate atelier following traditional techniques of handmade jewelry.

Paris - Barcelone

The story of Mademoiselle Coline takes place in two cities. A passionate journey dedicated to search and love for the elements of previous times, translated into delicate handcrafted pieces.

The brand

Mademoiselle Coline is an imaginary French woman that could have been me during the vibrant Parisian 20’s, when intellect, culture and arts blossomed. A young woman who, like me, moved to Paris, full of passion and dreams, and got captivated by its charm.