Barcelona is getting closer to me or I’m getting closer to it

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Barcelona is getting closer to me or I'm getting closer to it

I know, again Paris staircases. They are so beautiful! The tiles down stairs remind me of Barcelona.

Barcelona is getting closer or I’m getting closer to Barcelona. After 5 years living in Paris I return to Barcelona. I’ve known it for a while and I’m sad, nostalgic, and a little scared to go… until now I was not ready to write about it and my mind can not stop thinking about everything I’m going to miss.

Above all, I will miss to sit in a cafe under the heaters in winter with my cafe crème and watch people pass by, the delicate aesthetics everywhere, my house, the streets with history, the feeling of nostalgia, to dream, the warm light, my friends and our connection, the metro with its life and intense history, the smile of the people, because they do smile, they smile at me a lot, the meetings with my friends and our laughs, the cheese, my street and its small shops, markets full of life, bustling cafes, the nights in Paris, the haussmannian buildings, the harmony, the Seine, to learn the French language and the challenge to be understood, my marchés aux puces and the monsieurs of the little shops that explain me stories, the atelier with its intense life, the head of the atelier and everything he has taught me, my colleagues who do not stop helping me, to watch from the window, the croissants and pain au chocolat, my room with its moldings and its details, the wooden parquet full of life, again my friends, the windows of the living room, the Tour Eiffel playing hide-and-seek with me, the Nord du Marais, the parks, the picnics in spring, going out to dinner and discovering places with a lot of charm, to tour around the city being a Parisian, the stairs of the buildings, stairs and more magnificent stairs, the difficulty to know if we are in 2018 or in 1918, details and more beautiful details, the line 6 of the metro, the Bir-Hakeim bridge, the trottinettes, Sundays at Le Jardin du Luxembourg and its ritual game of petanque, the chairs of the cafes, Angelina and all her warmth, the meetings with friends, the philosophical cafes with my friends, to go to the foundry, to go to the setter and to learn everyday something new, the fête des voisins in the inner courtyard, the beautiful but not very comfortable hammocks of the Jardin des Tuileries and Luxembourg, the streets with their illuminated shops, the magical big wheel of the Place de la Concorde, the sophistication as a way of being and doing, the sky and its clouds passing by at full speed, the cold weather, to wear hat, the handles of the doors of my house, the magical light of Paris, my favorites restaurants, the feeling of happiness, freedom, to discover, being able to experience, our friend on the corner who sees us from a distance and smiles at us, the artisan work that does not disappear, the intellectuality, the terraces in spring, the endless cultural offer, the people I’ve met from Paris and beyond… the list is endless. I am going to miss all of this and much more, but now I am convinced that all this, all what I have experienced living in Paris will be always part of me, part of my life. Besides, Mademoiselle Coline was born here, she is from here. And the thing is that neither she nor I, won’t stop coming back to Paris!




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